"Development With Values"

Silvia Battaglia

"Development With Values"

Silvia Battaglia

"Development With Values"

Silvia Battaglia

"Development With Values"

Silvia Battaglia

"Development With Values"

Silvia Battaglia


Silvia Battaglia Educarte is a non profit organization, whose mission is to educate and build values for human and community development.

In order to make their objectives come true, the organization works on planning, executing, and managing cooperative programs, through self-funding or in collaboration with other regional, national and international organizations.

Silvia Battaglia




Great opportunities for young people arise from the collaboration between the association Silvia Battaglia and the Eurodesk Italy network for the year 2020.

thanks to the creation of a youth information antenna located at ..


Silvia Battaglia



We are a professional, passionate and enthusiastic team: our associates are young and motivated professionals with very impressive skills in many disciplines. The professional experiences of our team are a fundamental characteristic of this organization’s identity. This interdisciplinary nature allows us to find innovative solutions, to obtain the best results.


European Project Planning Course:


Our Values:


Honesty is one of the fundamental human values.

For us, living, making, undertaking or starting a business honestly is one of the main factors to build a fair society for all of us. Honesty isn’t a utopia, it’s one of the pillars of Sivia Battaglia organization, and one of the values that we want to transmit in our professional and formative activities.


Be coherence in private as in business.

Coherence is one of our favorite values: in our organization, we believe that living coherently with your thoughts is a personal quality very much appreciated. In our activities, formative courses, and professional consultations, you will find only honest and coherent high-level professionals.


It is very important to learn constantly.

The organization offers high-level courses, because it believes in the importance of learning: increasing knowledge is fundamental for becoming a great professional. Learning is a fundamental value in life as in work.

Other Values

National University of Cuyo


National University of Cuyo is the most important formative center in Mendoza province, in Argentina.

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Our Blog:

The Organization blog is an online diary, a tool to publicate opinions, tips and ideas.


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